Products our patients use

Products our patients use

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ARNICA May RELIEF OF BRUISING AND SORE, drugs ACHING MUSCLE TENDONS AND BONE. Uptake for bone injury and deep tissue tearing and bleeding, post-operative relief. Arnica is useful for the relief of continuous muscular pain caused by over-exertion, heavy work or sporting activities.

CALENDULA TEETHING & IRRITABILITY. When infants are in distress. For deep bruising relief when no bleeding.

CHAMOLMILLA Eases Hypersensitivity to pain, rheumatic discomfort, sleeplessness and nervous excitability. May relieve colic and teething distress in children. May calm mother and baby.

FERRUM PHOS May provide relief of symptoms of fevers and congestion/head colds. May relieve the first stages of inflammations at the site only with injury or illness.

FISIOCREM Muscle and joint pain.

HGH CREME HGH is effecting living tissue and responsible for tissue repair, cell replacement and brain function. May promote burning of fat whilst increasing muscle mass, may restore skin thickness, elasticity, soothes wrinkles, hair, promotes deep sleeps, increases sexual performance and pleasure.

ICE AID May provide pain relief, muscle spasm, sprain, strains, bruises. May ease headaches, toothaches, minor burns and insect bites. – for stiffness, muscle cramp, osteoarthritis pain and muscle tension.

MAG PHOS  May relief symptoms of muscular cramps and pains, cramps, flatulence, headaches with darting pains and muscular twitching.

MIGRACAPS STICK May provide migraine relief. Nausea & vomiting.

OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT Anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal. Natural plant extract. A natural antibiotic, may ease sore throats and wound healing

PRO-ARGI9 PRO-ARGI9 converts into nitric oxcide. This may help heart problems, lower blood pressure naturally. conatins L-ARGININE combined with healthy ingredients. (not to be used under 15yrs old or whilst pregnant)

POWER SHAKES These contain dozens of nutrients that help fight cravings-protein, fibre, amino acids. This may leave you feeling satisfied and full Great tastes of vanilla or dutch chocolate. Lactose free!

PROGESTERONE CREME All natural. Help growth healing.

VER  Treatment & Prevention of Parasites and worms by inhibiting breeding. Not for pregnancy or under 2 years old.

RESCUE REMEDY  For Shock & Trauma, relief and drowsiness. used to relieve stress after blunt force trauma, contusion, concussion.

ULTRACLEANSE Cleanses and detoxes the bowel  cellulite, skin, pigmentation. May assist in weight loss (Not to be used while pregnant)

 YOUTH ENHANCEMENT CREME (MEN) Testosterone plant based creme.